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Do you want to change your diet ? Or simply learn healthy recipes ? Want tips for acne ? No problem !!!
I think you’re going to love my blog 😉

Hi, I’m Melody I’m 18 and I live near Paris.
I decided to create this blog to share with you my healthy recipes (vegan, gluten-free sometimes paleo and even raw !) My advice about the healthy world/journey and my experience with acne that follows me for about 7 years. (I will also talk about lifestyle because I really like fashion and beauty (skincare/makeup) (even tho i’m i can be really lazy when it comes to makeup haha).
In 2014 I decided to change my diet because it turns out that diet has a big impact on acne and the state of our health.


In 3 years I managed to transform my lifestyle almost radically and I do not feel restricted at all !! As you will discover in my posts.

Change is always scary and may even seem impossible. But I believe in you and I’m sure you’ll get there.

I am a living proof that it’s POSSIBLE !


Just wanna make clear that :

I like to cook. Because I like to eat (lol). But I am absolutely not a professional. Food is the basis of life so we should all be able to cook simply without necessarily being pros. So I will share my favorite recipes. They are simple and require few ingredients. I like to find inspiration on Pinterest, and everytime a recipe is inspired by another one, i’ll tell you !
Here I will not judge your lifestyle or who you are.
I just want to share my experience and my advices.

Ah, and I would also like not to be put in a box, I do not like it at all, and I want to be able to feel free without restricting myself to the definition of a word (if that makes sense haha).
As soon as you think gluten free, vegan or otherwise, you think it’s complicated. On this blog, “in love with food and vegan”, I will show you the opposite.

(If you want to know why I’m vegan, click :))

I’m not a chef and yet I can make these recipes and eat healthy.
So why not you ?

  • “In a few years you’ll be happy that you started now.”


  • “You have to create healthy habits and not restrictions.”

You can read this article too if you want to know more about me;)